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Welcome to UK Hydroponics

Welcome to, One of the UK's leading stockists of hydroponic growing products.  Our extensive range of hydroponic products include nutrients and additives, grow lights and grow light kits, hydroponic grow tents, environmental control systems & a massive range of hydroponic growing mediums and accessories.

By utilising our extensive range of hydroponic growing equipment with an in-depth knowledge of hydroponic cultivation and plant lighting, we aim to be your definitive one-stop hydro shop.

We only sell products from world renown manufacturers such as Canna, Hydrogarden, PowerPlant, Plant Magic, Essentials, Grasslink, AutoPot, Vitalink, Lumatek, Lumii, Grodan, ROOT!T, Superthrive and an ever increasing range of market leading brands.

Over 98% of orders are delivered the next working day so you can get what you need quickly!

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